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Thursday, June 18, 2009


Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook while at Harvard and the whole world caught on. A recent Time article explained that FB's followers are mostly composed of those 30 years old and above and still growing especially with the older set. And all because FB is like being back in school, if you ask me.

Whether you actually enjoyed school or not, FB is like Grade School. We get to do Show-And-Tell via our photos/videos. We snicker a lot with our best friends. The upside, we don't have to wait for recess to eat and we can block 'mean' people on our FB Friends List.

FB like High School is fraught with insecurity. Do I look good in this outfit? No? Untag photo. I don't feel very pretty now, I'll use my childhood pic. Oh and how some of us stalk their crushes, or kiss ass to the 'right crowd' or try to be with the 'in' crowd and join the conversation. And that's why so many of us love taking those tests and quizzes. Coz you can't flunk FB!

It's also a lot like University, we get to choose which apps we'll upload like choosing course subjects. We also go on FB whenever we like, although some log on as if they've got to complete 15 units of FB. 8 hours of FB a day. Just like in College, we're developing our own style, making up our minds on issues, and getting silly drunk with best buddies. Show-and-Tell is now Post-A-Topic-And-Discuss! And we've actually included our former teachers in the fold. It's also a lot like University coz you'd rather hang out with friends than with family. Oh, and FB Mafia is the new Fraternity/Sorority. By the way, have you been invited to any party lately?

FB is like school. And Mark Zuckerberg is the guy who got along with everyone. FB is like school minus the rain drenched uniforms, the commute to school, the dreaded finals.

Mom, can I have my FB weekly allowance now?


  1. grabe. ginawang ad agency ang twitter para sa blog

  2. hehehe... am not the first to do it... ginaya ko lang yung ibang Tweeps. It seems to be the order of the day. Tweeting and Blogging. Why I thought of blogging in the first place.

  3. Facebook reminds me of school in these respects:

    1. Tedium ad infinitum.
    2. There are too many silly people with whom I have little or nothing in common.
    3. Some of #2 can't write or spell, which drives me nuts reading their posts and makes me wonder if they ever learned basic grammar.
    4. All those pointless tests and quizzes taken, usually by #2, who then insist on informing me of all the things I don't want to know about them.
    5. The cult of personality rules, evident in the race to get as many people as possible on the all-important Friends List. For some people on Facebook, it's all about quantity, not quality.
    6. FB is a total bragfest, e.g.: check out my new Porsche; look at me in front of the Louis Vuitton store; here I am standing next to Someone Very Important; check out my (botoxed and/or photoshopped) profile pix, et cetera.
    7. It's a waste of time, but can occasionally be fun.
    8. If I look hard enough, I find a few gems on Facebook, like man behind this blog.
    9. The presence of bitches like me. Yup, we do get around.

    My antidote to Facebook/school? I hop over the fence to Twitter, which is far more irreverent, real and FUN.

  4. @Megaton HAHAHAHAHA!!! Yes, somehow FB has lost it's brand-new-leather-shoes-smell for me! And that's why enjoy blogging, the people who've visited my blog ARE the interesting ones. Some are not as brave to comment as you though!

    How's the tomato sauce?

  5. Okay everyone, it's friday, follow megatonlove in Twitter and read more of her acerbic remarks. aylabit!!!