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Thursday, June 18, 2009


Imelda was on the news recently asking the government to give back her jewelry confiscated by the Presidential Commission on Good Government because they're hers and : "I'm poor. I have no money."

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo plans to run for Congress in 2010 according to close allies. Proof that she is stepping down as President to allay fears that she plans to stay put in Malacanang.

Joseph Estrada, emboldened by recent surveys that place him at the top of Presidentiables, is considering running for President if the opposition doesn't field one candidate.

Okay... now these three Dodos are taking Juan dela Cruz for a ride once again. They actually think so lowly of Filipinos. Ginagawa na naman tayong tanga!

Imelda, who was born poor, definitely did not inherit those jewelry, neither were they gifts from visiting dignitaries, and George Hamilton most certainly couldn't afford them. Tax payers' money spirited out during her orgiastic shopping sprees is how those items were purchased. Living Blue Ladies who chaperoned Madam in those trips can attest to that.

With the pardoning of Erap, Palparan, Jalosjos, Teehankee, etc. Imelda probably feels entitled to 'her' jewelry, and if you think how this gov't has been dispensing favors of late, it really isn't a long shot.

GMA actually believes she can win? Is she going to pull another 'Hello Garci'? How out of touch can she get? Don't her closest advisers tell her when enough is enough? Or does she want to just bask in driving everyday on the SCTEX chanting "This is the road that Gloria built". Or fly via the Diosdado Macapagal Airport singing "Papa can you hear me?" Papa must be turning in his grave!

Erap... egad! What to do about Erap? If Erap truly loves the Philippines, he should just be Citizen Erap. His two years in Malacanang saw the depreciation of the Peso. Now if I were a foreign investor, would I invest in a country whose former president was thrown out via People Power due to corruption, then prosecuted and sentenced and served time for such crimes only to be pardoned by the other 'questionable' president and then now running again? Hell no! I'd rather invest in India where people speak impeccable English albeit with an accent and Jai Ho my way to the bank with profits! Or I'd rather invest in China, even if they suppress Human Rights and monitor Google, at least they're serious with industry and manufacturing and give their people much needed jobs. Erap is not good news for the economy.

A(H1N1)?! Con-Ass?! Doomsday might just come for Filipinos via any one of the above!


  1. What do you think of Nikki Perlas running for president?

  2. Interesting guy, has a valid platform, seems to be wanting to do an Obama here in the Philippines...

    Dunno if he'll survive the reptiles entrenched in the sewer pipes aka Congress and Senate though.