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Thursday, June 25, 2009


President Sarkozy expressed support for a total ban on the wearing of the burqa in France, saying it is a symbol of subservience which is anathema to everything the French believe in with regards to equality of the sexes. (click on the link above)

I say Bravo! The wearing of the burqa is an outright public display of one's faith, something modern civilizations should ban as this may be a source of animosity between opposing faiths. Let them wear the burqa when entering mosques, but never in public. Ditto the wearing of the cross, the carrying of religious icons, etc. Tolerance for different faiths starts with the elimination of such public displays of religion by individuals.

It is for the same reason that residences in the US may not display religious icons and other symbols outside their houses eg. in gardens, front doors, etc. as this may be offensive to other residents in the neighborhood. Churches and other venues for worship may only do this.

History has shown that it is precisely religion that has been the major cause of wars/conflict. Do we really need this in the 21st century? By banning the wearing of the burqa, I believe Muslim women will be less exposed to discrimination.

Take it from the fashion capital of the world. Ditch the burqa in public.

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