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Monday, June 15, 2009


The frontrunners for the 2010 Philippine Presidential Elections are Sen. Mar Roxas and Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro. Whom to choose?

As Senator, Mar Roxas to his credit has not figured in any corruption scandal. Neither has he been entangled in any spurious activities. His tenure in the Senate though, is lackluster, if you ask me.

Gilbert Teodoro seems to be the brilliant, young, technocrat-lawyer this country needs oh so desperately. He could boost esteem of the Armed Forces and really, really, professionalize this sector. No more corrupt Generals spiriting tax payers' money out of the country please! And no more rub-outs, disappearances, torture, etc.

Their spouses would make good First Ladies. Should the Korina Sanchez-Mar Roxas Nuptials proceed, Korina can bring to Malacanang the same work ethic, integrity and warmth a la Michelle Obama. Rep. Nikki Teodoro can be the Philippines' Jackie O! Real class and nary a speck of deprivation. We're assured Nikki won't horde tacky artworks, jewelry or shoes.

Both Mar and Gilbert are UP Alumni. Time for these young UPians to undo, rectify, redeem UP's name in Malacanang (Marcos and GMA were UP alumni too). Whoever wins, Mar and Gilbert MUST work at rehabilitating the corrupt system that breeds in Philippine Politics and Government. Also to make harsh but needed reforms in our country if we intend to be in the fold of Global Economics, have a say in International Politics, and make a mark in the Arts & Culture Scene Worldwide!

I like both Mar and Gilbert for their idealism and sense of duty to this country. Time for the old hag to pass on the torch to this generation! In lieu of any other viable Presidentiables -- I'm looking to choose between these two Oligarchs. I hope they don't run this country like it was their Hacienda though. And we, their slaves. Will wait for their platforms. 

Hope whoever wins doesn't disappoint us. 

Otherwise, I'll just plant some trees on Election Day. Then, I'm out of these 7,000+ islands!

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