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Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Three items caught my attention in today's issue of  Business World.

The first being the front page graphics of the ASEAN Infrastructure Fund (AIF) illustrating "the largest ASEAN-led financial initiative in its history -- to address the region's critical infrastructure development needs."

The second, again the infographics on the Philippines' Millenium Development Goals (page 11), summarizing the eight goals, its specific targets, economic indicators used to measure progress, etc.  What caught my eye specifically was the green color-coded (to indicate High Probability in Achieving The Goal) Number 2: Achieve Universal Primary Education / Target; Ensure that all children will be able to complete a full course of primary schooling.

Like the need for farm-to-market roads, infrastructure is crucial to further advance education in the rural areas. We all have read or seen on TV how some children in the rural areas walk many kilometers, crossing mountains, rivers, from their houses to go to school.

The third item is actually an advert on the last page of the main section, photos and names of the Top Ten Placers of the October 2014 Certified Public Accountants Licensure Examinations!  😃
(Exclamation Point included in advert, smiley is blogger's)

The number one placer is Mark Anthony Tacuboy form the University of Saint Louis, Tuguegarao. "Wow! From the regions" I thought. As I scanned the rest of the advert, I noticed in an instant that most of the Top Ten came from universities outside of Manila. In fact only three came from Manila schools.  Second placer from Asia Pacific College in Makati, 7th Placer from UP Diliman and 10th Placer from PUP. All the rest came from the regions! Yoohoo!

Two from the Saint Louis University in Tuguegarao (1st and 4th Placers), another two from Baguio, the other 4th Placer from University of the Cordilleras and 6th Placer from Saint Louis University, Baguio. 8th and 9th Placers from the Cavite State University and the other 10th Placer from Central Mindanao University. Way to go guys! (Absent on this year's CPA Top Ten is a University/College from the Visays).

If there is one thing we can infer from this advert, it is that 'Quality Education' is slowly being decentralized from Metro Manila. Of course this is not a new 'phenomena', as other Licensure Exams for fields such as Medicine, Law, Engineering, etc in the past have also shown the strength of Regional Univeristies and Colleges.

With further infrastructure upgrades, and am not only talking about roads and bridges, but even power grids, internet access, etc. rural areas in the Philippines will be able to compete with Metro Manila.

The long journey for the country to achieve Economic Development worthy of World Class Standards lies in education!