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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


With the 2010 elections over and most posts proclaimed, here is my list of the other winners and losers:


  1. PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHERS who manned the precincts and handled the elections with honesty and efficiency to their fullest capabilities. Bravo to you unsung heroes of our democracy!
  2. VOLUNTEERS of the numerous political parties, election watchers, etc. Truly, our country will prosper with selfless individuals working for our future.
  3. COMELEC & SMARTMATIC for ensuring that the automated elections will push through despite doomsday scenarios.
  4. GIBO TEODORO who put up a brave, dignified campaign and bowed out with grace. Gibo set the example for our future statesmen. Maybe he should consider joining Aquino's administration.
  5. SWS & PULSEASIA for conducting honest, scientific surveys. The election results vindicate your expertise.
  1. MIKE DEFENSOR (Quezon City) & PETER REY BAUTISTA (Baguio City) -- Mike for being GMA's lackey, sayang lang ang promise mo when you were in congress as part of the spice boys. Zubiri, Pangilinan and Escudero have left you behind. Oh and Dear Peter, you had your chance, you blew it. You tarnished your Lolo Tatay Bautista's good name. Shape up, Peter! Let me remind you of SPED Center's basic values: Character, Leadership & Self-Fulfillment. Peter, your Lolo, the founder of UB was my batch's guest speaker during our commencement exercises in Grade 6 March 1980. I still remember very well how your Lolo told us his story of humble beginnings and how he inspired me and my batchmates to always follow the just and honest path in our quest for our own dreams and ambitions. It would be wise to look back at your Lolo's wise counsel.
  2. THE 'PIKON' SUPPORTERS OF GIBO -- while Gibo didn't mudsling, some of his supporters were throwing dirt all over the internet in their hope to sway Aquino supporters to their side. "I think therefore I am for Gibo" reeks of the same arrogance GMA inflicted on all of us. Follow Gibo's example by graciously accepting defeat. And no sour-graping please.
  4. ALL THE ARTISTAS WHO RAN FOR OFFICE BUT LOST (Cesar Montano, Aiko Melendez, Joey Marquez, Anjo Yllana, Jobelle Salvador, Imelda Papin, etc.) Ano bah?! Get the hint, LAOS na kayo! Ditto the ARTISTAS WHO ENDORSED CANDIDATES FOR A SIZABLE TALENT FEE.
  5. THE AMPATUANS -- despite being elected into office, cuidado kayo with the new administration!
RETIREES: (The following should just retire while the rest of the nation moves on)
  1. LOREN LEGARDA -- political butterflies may be pretty on the outside but they're dirty rotten inside.
  2. DICK GORDON -- get your US Visa and retire in Florida. Play golf with Jeb Bush.
  3. The CURRENT MEMBERS OF THE SUPREME COURT -- If you guys were truly impartial and did not kowtow to GMA, who knows, the Filipinos might just believe in you and your decisions.
  4. SATUR OCAMPO AND LIZA MAZA -- what the *!#?+ was that decision to join Villar all about anyway?! tsk, tsk, tsk...
  5. KRIS AQUINO -- Krissy dahlin' a promise is a promise. Heed Cory's advice and do the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Ditto DOLPHY:  your endorsement of Villar and the absurd amount paid to you wasn't/isn't funny at all!