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Saturday, June 22, 2013


Hoda and Kathie Lee recently featured Cronuts (Croissant-Donuts) in their show and how these delectable desserts have been trending lately with hundreds literally falling in line for a taste of the new snack. The owner has decided to put a maximum on the number of pieces one can buy -- 6 only per person. He refuses to mass produce the cronuts to maintain quality and taste.

Here now is a list of Pinoy Dessert Mash-Ups which could one day appear in a stand in your favorite mall:

1. SIOMON -- A Mamon shaped like Siopao filled with asado or bola-bola.

2. HOPRUN/TUPIA -- Turon filled with sweetened mung beans (pwede ring baboy)

3. BUTA SEKO -- Burung Talangka spread over Puto Seko

4. GALLEMAS -- Galletas with Yema in the center

5. PACENSIOSO -- Pacencia Biscuit cradling a Siomai filled with Suso ( this should give the French a run for their escargot)

6. BILEY'S -- Bibingka laced with Bailey's

7. PAN DE SOL -- Pan de sal and Espasol

8. HAWLO-HAWLO -- A pitted longan sandwiched between two Haw Flakes

9. TIRAMISO -- Tira-Tira and Miso

10. UBE-GLAD -- (pronounced 'you-be glad') Ube with Ginadgad na Langka

11. LECHE PLAN -- Leche Flan with Plantains

12. CORNVENT BREAD -- Basically a Tortilla made from scratch by an angst-filled colegiala

13. KANO NI GO -- Any snack derived from an american brand now localized by Robina Gokongwei

14. SINTURON -- Singkamas, Tupig at Polvoron

15. PILITA -- Pilipit and Taho (served in a rock glass, the Pilipit used like a swivel stick)

16. KAYO GERMS -- Bukayo with Wheat Germ

17. COCO MARTIN -- Pan de Coco with Star Margarine in a Tin Can (de lata ito)

18. MANI PAKYOW -- Pakwan dipped in a spicy peanut sauce (mapapa 'YOW' ka sa anghang)

19. GUAPOE -- Guava Jelly/Jam spread over Sen. Grace Poe's fave dessert

20. IMELDA -- Iced Melon and Dalandan Sorbet

21. LEA SALONGAN -- Ube Jalea, Sampalok and Longan (wala nang glo-global pa dyan!)

ps: pasingit. pinilit lang talaga ako ni Frankie eh...

22. FRENCH CIMATU --Deep-Fried  Mahi-Mahi and Tuna with a cinnamon laced batter.