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Sunday, June 14, 2009


I met Frankie at a friend's birthday party the day I started tweeting. I remember wanting to stay home that night and bask in Twitter's realm and remain absorbed with TheJoelStein and other tweeps but text messages on my mobile were beckoning me to head to the party.

Kawayan introduced me to Frankie and said he was from Baguio too. I vaguely remember his sister who went to Brent School, a stone's throw away from my grandparents' house where I grew up, but couldn't remember Frankie despite the common friends we both share. Frankie hands me his calling card and I put it in my pocket.

While scrounging for loose change this morning I chanced upon Frankie's calling card and decided to check out his website. You guys ought to do the same.

Frankie's photos of the metropolis are beguiling and definitely not in a National-Bookstore-Postcard kind of way. Neither are they off-putting like most photo-realist, uhm, photographs.

He says little in his website. His images say so much.
Click on the link above.


  1. Frankie's my other baby brother. He's Pau's batch in Brent.- grace

  2. @grace don't you just love Frankie's photos?