traffic analysis

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Exactly a month ago, I clicked on an ad in this blog for a blog counter. The counter was for a one-month free trial only. So I said, why not?! For those of you who may have noticed, there was a small counter at the top left side of this blog.

Today I got a notice from the website that hosted that counter and said my free month trial was over and if I should wish to continue their services I had to pay for membership. Anyway...

The counter's last reading was 799. Phew! 799 visits in one month. My heart is fat. I clicked on the stats report and here's a recap.

Kudos to the visitor from Dagupan who came back a total of 35 times. A lot of friends also visited regularly as their google or blog handles identified them. Meow, Nowhere Woman, Mnemosyne, Brookside Baby, etc. Thanks for visiting.

Now here's the funny part. I had first time visitors from around the globe. Australia, The US, Hong Kong, Japan, Belgium, Iceland, South Africa, England, France, Spain, Italy, Thailand and the common post that brought them together was "When I Fell In Love" -- specifically Kevin Bacon! Hahahahaha!

Apparently these people googled Kevin Bacon and came across my blog. Other searches that brought visitors to the blog were 'guavas', 'tropical fruits', 'Cory Aquino', 'Michael Schoeffling', 'Christopher Atkins In Shorts', 'Young Scott Baio' even 'How To Peel And Cook Guavas' -- now these are actual search terms that appeared in the report.

Makes me want to experiment on future blog posts.

I am still busy finalizing everything for our production next week. I have a dress/tech run on Tuesday. Will lay-out the Souvenir Programme. Rehearse the alternate actor. And so on and so forth. After our first weekend when I shall be able to relax, I shall continue blogging. Sorry for the absence of Grammar Posts and Toti & David. I will get back to 'regular programming' after the 6th of September, Promise.


  1. For the love of cabbage, hurry on up Martini! I miss you so. I am slowly wasting away from pining....
    Anyhoo- love your Shakespearean side; the play's definitely your thing, judging from the snippets of dialogue you've put up. I only wish I could teleport myself to watch it.
    Would you consider doing a youtube/vimeo of it and linking to your blog?

  2. No, Martin, don't!
    Please don't let your writing be influenced by a search engine!

  3. Glad you'll be back soon. I am missing my regular dosage of Toti and David.

  4. Thanks all... yup been missing my best buddies Toti&David... Gino, experiment lang naman yung gagawin ko, if ever... Gemma, I'll try to post pics but video... hmmm... I don't think so... I've seen videos of plays and they never capture the real thing...