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Sunday, August 2, 2009


We have a lot to be grateful for Corazon C. Aquino (1933 - 2009). The selfless person that she is, President Cory restored democracy in the Philippines in 1986. With People Power she survived numerous coup attempts hardly unscathed. The 1987 Constitution was ratified unanimously by Filipinos who wanted to ensure that Martial Law shall never take place in our shores again.

Presidents Ramos, Estrada and Arroyo have benefited from Cory's restoration of peaceful elections. Ramos would not have been President without Cory's endorsement. Estrada would not have been president without free elections. He landed the top post in the land but what he did with his mandate was his downfall. Arroyo would not be in Malacanang without People Power.

Respect for the Constitution and rule of law was President Aquino's mark in her presidency. Her consistency in her faith, strength of character, and integrity in office should be emulated by our elected leaders.

The best thing Cory gave the Filipinos, I think, is hope. She made us all believe that; yes, we can make things happen if we come together as one nation.

Let's not let that flicker of hope die out with her.


  1. I hope that hope is accompanied by action. Nothing changes if nothing changes.

  2. In our own little way... day by day... bit by bit... to sing a la Streisand; "And just as pebbles make a mountain, raindrops make the sea, one day at a time, change begins with you and me... ordinary miracles, happen all around..."