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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


The latest brouhaha surrounding The National Artists Awards is another low in Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's presidency. How she could bypass the other deserving artists and confer the awards on an undeserving person by the name of Carlo J. Caparas is evidence that she needs a lobotomy more than a boob job.

I have aired this to friends before and I will write about it now. We seem to have forgotten our ideals. We seem to be content with sub standards. I think it all started with Kuya Germs' That's Entertainment. What began as a showcase for talented teens (eg. Lea Salonga, uhm, yeah, Lea Salonga...uh...and...yeah the rest) morphed into a free-for-all, pa-cute, jologs-fest. Although the term jologs was not coined yet, it sums it up to a tee. The only requirements needed to be included in the show were a set of perfect dimples and the willingness to be an asswipe to Kuya Germs. Thus the cast of the show ballooned to more than my high school graduating class.

That's Entertainment and its penchant for mediocrity slowly crept into the national psyche. Gone were ideals of perfectionism, artistry, integrity and truth. We just toppled Marcos then, we were happy. We were free. The Arts in general was swept under our rugs for there were other concerns that needed immediate attention.

Because we tolerated mediocrity, the majority voted Erap. The president who was known for his unprofessional work ethic, lackadaisical approach to governance, penchant for amassing property, orgiastic drinking sessions in the palace, and gambling aboard The Presidential Yacht. Not to mention his womanizing. Erap has mistresses galore and we put him into the highest office. Bill Clinton has one lousy blowjob and the US Congress jumps on its feet to impeach him. Again, this demonstrates how low the Filipinos' standards have become.

Vestiges of this mentality is in Wowowee. Ditto most government offices and the incompetent people that claim to be public servants. Mediocrity is the first leg down the road to corruption because all morals are set aside in pursuit of what will eventually be ill-gotten wealth.

With Cory's death, we should again be reminded to aspire to achieve the ideals not only for ourselves but for the nation. Enough of 'pwede na yan' or 'bahala na'. How else could Mr. Caparas (and Cecille Guidote-Alvarez) have gotten the award if not through sheer palakasan. Kissing-ass breeds mediocrity. Or is it the other way around? It's a chicken and egg thing. If Mr. Caparas were a chicken, better to do as the highlanders do... pinikpikan. If he were an egg, he'd definitely be as rotten as PGMA.

It's time to raise the bar. It's time to raise our hands with the Laban sign and fight for everything Cory represented -- transparency, integrity, and honesty.

In the meantime, Mr. Caparas can join Kuya Germs every Saturday night, er, every Sunday morning. They can call their show "The Walang Tulugan Massacre... God Help The Two Of Us".


  1. Who's the gonzo in the top pic? Tell him for me to get a fucking haircut. Also there's a caterpillar pretending to be a moustache on his upper lip. Sorry to be so clueless, but would you kindly identify him to your expat readers who might not be au courant with Pinoy personalities, especially the unsightly ones?

    For the rest of your post, I agree completely.

  2. That gonzo, my dearest Megaton, is none other than the National Con Artist Carlo J. Caparas. Ay, sorry, National Pa-Artist Effect pala. The National Con Artists are the two women in the last pic.