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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Dear Friend,

Sorry for my tantrum last night. The foul weather does put us all in a bad mood.

I was just aghast at your disgust towards the overflowing support for Cory. How come two nights ago you were raring to go and attend her wake? Why the sudden turnaround? You know I loathe fence-sitters. Make up your mind. I will have more admiration for you if you stick by your convictions.

In the heat of our argument, you must have forgotten that during the dark days of the Marcos dictatorship -- such display of dissent was not even warranted. The freedom you enjoy today is borne out of the collective opposition of the '80s that culminated in People Power and Cory's presidency.

You should not lose hope for our country. Neither should you lose faith in the Filipino people. It is desperation and cynicism that breeds corruption. Desperation drives some of us to steal from the coffers of government funds. Cynicism makes us turn our faces the other way -- since everyone is doing it anyway, we like to tell ourselves. Such skewed values make you root for candidates during elections whom you can directly benefit from. Never mind if you cheat in the elections -- you try to convince yourself you are making a choice for the nation, when deep inside it is for self interests only. Or at least for loved ones and family. Even if they have erred.

Have you become so inured to corruption? Have you lost your basic sense of decency? Is this why you seem to have a difficult time comprehending all the good that Cory represents?

Think of your kids and the kind of society you want them to live in. Think of their kids too.

Thank you for all the wonderful times,


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