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Thursday, July 2, 2009


My sister Joy had pointed out a mistake I made in my post yesterday Re: 'casted' and am glad she did just as the post had gone up. Maybe she should be my editor, because when I blog I just type away. My other sister, Felina had commented that maybe I should blog about such common errors in the usage of the English Language.

So welcome to the first I'M CAN SPEAK ENGLISH! CAN'T YOU?! post: SIGNS OF THE TIMES

Filipinos are an entrepreneurial lot. The ingenuity and resourcefulness they employ in advertising their business is often a source of amusement. No, I am not talking about the endless puns we're all too familiar with.

There is a shop in my neighborhood with this sign: "WE REPAIRED AIRCON, REF, TV AND OTHER APPLIANCES"

The shop is always open, with a gamut of electronic thingies spilling out into the sidewalk. I wonder, are those the last batch of orders they will be taking? And did they just repair one of each? Or are those really unfixed machines whose past owners no longer wish to claim -- then the sign should read -- WE REPAIRED THOSE AIRCONS, REFS, TVS AND OTHER APPLIANCES ALREADY. Or are the shop owners simply proud of their former business -- then the sign should read: "WE LOVED TO REPAIR AIRCONS..."

(Filipinos say 'aircon' for air-conditioner, while most westerners prefer 'AC'. Nothing wrong to it, as English has its nuances depending on the region wherein it is spoken. Hell, we say 'umbrella' but them bloody Brits insist on 'brolly'.)

I posted I'M CAN SPEAK ENGLISH, CAN'T YOU?! every Thursday.

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