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Thursday, July 23, 2009



It's grammar Thursday folks! Today we'll tackle the word lose.

A lot misuse lose, loose, loss, lost, in countless ways. Here are a few examples culled from the past:

"Did she lost it?" "Did she happen to lost it?" "I think that's the one she lose before."

"My blouse is lose." "It's a loosing battle." " I don't want to loss this game."

Let's tackle the examples one by one:

"Did she lost it?" doesn't sound right to the ear, because did in this case implies an action yet to be confirmed. The correct sentence should read "Did she lose it?" OR maybe the speaker meant "Has she lost it?"

In the second example, again did is the clue here, so the sentence should read, "Did she happen to lose it?" while the third example will show, that there is a certainty on the speaker's part so the sentence should read: "I think that's the one she lost before."

In the fourth example, as readers we do not know if the blouse is gone or if it's a size too big. Maybe the speaker meant "My blouse got lost" OR "My blouse is loose" In the same breadth, the fifth example should read "It's a losing battle."

The sixth example should read, "I don't want to lose this game".

I'm at a loss of words to explain more. But trust me on my corrections. Reader, if in doubt, look it up in the dictionary.

Here's your assignment, check which of the following words should be used in the given phrase and use them in a sentence:

1. loose/lose change

2. the guy is a looser/loser

3. losing/loosing sleep over

4. loss/lost at sea

5. lost/loss generation

See you next week.


  1. i'm at a lose for words, two. the day started the sun to come out, but later in the noon, its rain. and ass the beauty queen say... when its rain its four.... and i'm not talk about the wether

  2. Bravo Doktora, takes a mastery of the language to be able to parody it, diba?! Thanks for bwisit-ing!

  3. Love this! However, I will lost/loose/loss/lose sleep over the assignment you just gave. Lol.

  4. Where were you when Melanie Marquez was mangling all those sentences in public? You're the most smashing grammar tutor ever!

  5. @Gemma; hahaha! I wish... sometimes I commit the errors too, especially with spelling and tenses...

  6. I'm hope you don't mind my making a suggestions. How about tackling the wonderful Baguio Centennial slogan: "FLY THE BUTTERFLY". I can't put my fingers on it but theres some thing's wrong with that phrase. Are they a grammatical errors? Help, please, I'm loss. It's just a suggestions. Thank Martin.

  7. @Padma, maybe the butterfly she's fly because she's not longer a caterpillar? I'm look myself into that matter once upon these day. Thank you.