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Monday, August 8, 2011


I wonder where all the old phone booths went? I hope they didn't end up in some dump or recycle bin. PLDT could still make use of them...

1. Turn them into 'smoking sections' along Ayala Avenue. Make sure there's an exhaust or filter in the roof  so passersby won't complain of the smoke when a user opens the door.

2. Remember our terrarium projects in science class? Why not transform these phone booths into terrariums and scatter them around the metropolis. You could make a simulation of a tropical rain forest (ferns, lianas, moss...etc.)  No primates though.

3.  Attach shelves inside the phone booths. Let people put used books they wish to share with other people -- like a community book drop -- locate these booths inside malls. Tada! An instant public library at no cost to readers! Call the project: 'The Old School'

4. In the same breadth, make them a drop-off for used/old mobile phones, batteries, accessories, etc for recycling later on.

5. Make the booths 'charging stations' for one's laptop or mobile phone in public spaces.

6. Tint the glass, install a mirror inside, make them into dressing areas for our inner Supermen... seriously, when you need a quick change while out in the streets (for whatever reason) or when you're avoiding a stalker or simply to retouch your make-up or change your soiled shirt. These shouldn't be open for 24 hours though, who knows what people would do inside them during off-hours.

7. Make them into 'Solitude' zones for all those who wish for a few minutes of silence from all the din and humdrum of city life. Or when you're alone and overwhelmed with emotions, it'd be a good place to cry without anyone seeing you. Or to shout out your frustrations! Better to soundproof said booths then.

8. Seal them tight and put tropical fish. Scatter booths around the metropolis for that zen feel.

9. Rent them out to the manghuhulas in Quiapo (palm reading, tarot card reading, etc. ) Make sure to install AC.

10. SERIOUSLY: I want one for when I move into that dream loft or old warehouse -- I'll convert one into my shower. No wait, I want two old phone booths. The other I'll install a waterless urinal for my buddies to use when they come over for all-night drinking fests!  

Please, MVP let me have two?!

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  1. George Michael is single again. This is the sort of place where he'd go looking for the new one...