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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


(Laida Lim sent me a text message last Sunday afternoon saying she couldn't make it to the Cinemalaya Awards Night and was hoping I could be her "rep" -- apparently she was holed up in Baguio for personal reasons -- had I attended the Awards ceremony, this would've been my acceptance speech...)

Presenters: And the Award for Best Production Design goes to... (drum roll...)   Laida Lim for "Nino"!!!  To accept the award is the Art Director for "Nino"  Martin Masadao...

(I go onstage...)

Me: (clutching trophy) "Laida Lim is in Baguio at the moment and asked me to accept this award on her behalf... actually, she texted me earlier around 3PM, 'Martin, we're having a canao at the Cafe By The Ruins, the anitos tell me, we're going to win tonight -- scoot over at the CCP, bruha... I can't go down, thank everyone for me, please'

"I'm sure Laida would like to acknowledge everyone in the Art Department -- Carlo, Dee, our set men, etc. And given the measly budget of this film, we would like to thank all our friends and relatives -- both living and dead -- from whom we begged, borrowed and stole our props, sets, and costumes!  

"But, let me tell all of you, the challenge Laida and I had -- and I think the challenge for any Production Designer and Art Department is -- 'How do you attempt to design a film, when your director is an award-winning Set Designer to begin with?!'

"Well, the answer to that is: You Don't (pause) Even Attempt (pause) To Do That. What you do is: you sit down, with your director, go through the script, listen intently to all the 'shit' he's telling you, along the way you can give some suggestions, but you never stray too far... Thank you, Loy (Arcenas) for sharing with us your wonderful vision that is 'Nino' and for steering us in the right direction.

"On a personal note, I would like to pay homage to Fides Cuyugan-Asensio... (Applause, standing ovation, etc). Fides endeared all of us slowly, and day by day, as we were filming 'Nino'. She crept to our hearts in her own special way -- coming to the set on time, never complaining about the food, the heat, the long hours -- she exhibited discipline, humility and grace -- unparalleled and rarely seen among the lesser actresses of today. Fides, we were just honored to have worked with you on this project. Fides, you showed us what true artistry is all about. And thank God, you kept your figure all these years so you could fit perfectly into that vintage Aureo Alonzo terno that Laida unearthed from her mother's baul!

"Maraming salamat! Mabuhay ang Cinemalaya!" 

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  1. Hahahaaaa! Love it. Congratulations, Martahn.