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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


(two poems i dug up from the past dedicated to Sarah Palin and her clueless sense of humor)

UNTITLED (ca. 1992)

Trying to conquer the kitchen I suddenly thought of you.   Of us.
Skimming off the fat made me cringe at the thought of beads
dribbling onto the already sopping bed sheet. Cutting up the meat
reminded me of our coarse gentleness.

I tied up your ginger toes along with slivers of your leek-green eyes
for the bouquet garni. You nibbled on my earlobes like they were
button mushrooms as I stirred and stirred to thicken the fury.

We simmered an hour too long. We had become rancid.
The room fetid. At breakfast you were honey to my friend's bed of pancakes.

I was told.

UNTITLED (circa 2002)

i d
a i d
r a i d
d i a r y
m y r i a d
p y r a m i d

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