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Sunday, September 21, 2014

They Will Weather The Storm

While conducting our film showing at the Baguio Cinematheque yesterday. A newly wed couple were holding their wedding reception at the Hill Station Restaurant next door. Despite the weather, the couple, who hail from Bicol pushed through with their wedding. They brought up their respective families and friends for an intimate gathering.

By 4pm as guests were entering Hill Station's main dining hall, electricity had not yet been restored at Upper Session Road. Candles were lit on the tables and on the corridors to aide the guests weave their way through.

A few minutes later, the newlyweds arrive and the bride was hoping to do some last minute touch-ups on her hair and make-up before entering the hall. But since there was no electricity, she told her stylist that she would do her re-touch right there by the entrance. She was such a trouper and was in a good mood despite several last minute change of plans for the wedding because of the bad weather. (The reception was supposed to be held in a private garden somewhere in Baguio that Hill Station was supposed to cater, so they just moved it to the resto instead).

The bride was cracking jokes, taking selfies, while her groom turned on the light on his mobile phone to assist her stylist in retouching her make-up. I overheard the bride say, "I will weather this storm"! And yes, how she did! Despite the major setback that was Typhoon Mario, the bride was radiant, composed and had a great sense of humour. Ditto her groom!

With that kind of attitude, I am sure they will have a great life together as a couple!

I am betting my bottom dollar that the sun will shine on their wedded life and that they will weather any storm that comes their way!

Congratulations and Best Wishes!


  1. Wow! Thanks a lot. I coordinated and decorated the wedding...

  2. Hi Martin, in behalf of Me, Andy, all our family and friends together with our dedicated suppliers and wedding coordinator, we thank you for your wonderful article. Your blog has told us a gorgeous story about what had happened during our special day despite the typhoon. It was very well narrated. Thank you and hope to see you in Baguio for our next visit at Hill Station.

  3. Yes! See you in Baguio again! You should hold your 1st Anniversary there! 😃