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Monday, June 14, 2010


It's been a year since I first put out this blog. With encouragement from friends and family, I blogged enthusiastically the first few months. The title of this blog, as I had said in my first entry, comes from the yet unpublished essay I wrote a few years back dealing on my family's brief, albeit enriching, stay in the province of Kalinga during the onset of Martial Law. I submitted said essay to an anthology called 'Marcos Babies' due to be launched this September. The essay was actually part of a collection of essays I wrote during the period 2000 to 2002 which I had hoped to collate in one book I had then called "This Is Not A Cookbook" -- creative non-fiction that had food as the springboard for memories of my childhood.

I think it was prescient that I named this blog after that post, because part of that collection was a piece I wrote -- "Lola Felicing's Strawberry House" -- a tribute to my maternal grandmother, Felicidad Reyes. It was also a reminiscing of my childhood in Yangco Road, Baguio City. I submitted the essay for the anthology "The Baguio We Know" (Anvil Publishing) which saw print and was launched in September 2009. I am going to post  the essay above for those who have not read the book although copies are still available at most National Bookstore outlets. (Yes, I know... shameless plug)

It's been a great year!  :-)


  1. Happy Birthday, GC&C!
    May each year bring more wonderful entries and fantastic adventures.

    Please bring back Grammar Thursdays. I is a big fan ;)

  2. Thanks, Gemma!

    I'm try to post Grammar once more again with feelings! Maybe you're can give me suggestions?

  3. Bummer! I did not know to look for "The Baguio We Know" while I was there. I went to a couple of National Bookstores to get some pasalubongs for my kids. I could have gotten a pasalubong for me! The Lola Felicing essay was a very good read.

  4. Ha! Sayang! Had we met up, I coulda given you a complimentary copy :-) but anyway, am sure the kids enjoyed the books you brought them, especially the butterfly and the womanizing king! Bizarre!